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Shaolin Kungfu

SHAOLIN KUNGFU IS THE GREATEST MARTIAL ART IN THE WORLD. WHY? Because it has the most extensive techniques, skills, philosophy that enriches people’s life, leading them to spiritual fulfillment. All Martial Arts can be analysed through their aspects of form, power, application and philosophy. From the perspective of form, all the techniques found in all…
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Discover Wushu with Freddy Paillard, French & British Champion

Freddy Paillard and his course of Wushu Kungfu, offer a new showcase in Swindon since 2017. Freddy Paillard, is a professor convinced of the benefits of the Wushu, a complete discipline, “which is not only a sport but also a lifestyle”. Wushu means martial art in Chinese. The most important is to join all aspects of…
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