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PAUL G.I have been training with Freddy as my Wushu teacher for about two months now, and, I wished I had trained with him sooner! I feel physically and mentally more fit than I did two months ago and have learned alot in a short space of time thanks to him. His sessions incorporate movements from crossfit and you always leave the feeling like you achieved something. I would highly recommend Freddy to anyone looking to get fit or wanting to start a martial art!
NATASHAFreddy is a professional! A fantastic communicator during initial enquiries and very welcoming. My son is growing in confidence and his passion for Wushu is ever growing thanks to Freddy!
NICHOLASHaving private lessons was really not what I had imagined when looking to furthering my martial arts training and fitness. Freddy has changed my perception of that and having the ability to adapt to my needs has changed my dynamics completely, as someone with an ankle disability. I am seeing the benefits, whic has been boosted by the 1 on 1 focus. I know he will take me far beyond what I imagined I could do.
FELICITYMy boys were Black Belts in Mixed Martial Arts and wanted to further their understanding of the Wushu KungFu. We were incredibly fortunate to find Freddy. Our boys enjoy every session they have and come out exhausted having not only trained in Wushu KungFu but having completed fitness routines. Freddy is very precise and pushes them to be accurate in all their movements and weapons work. They have been studying Wushu with Freddy for over three years.
NATHANFreddy is an excellent teacher who helped me build up my skills and confidence. He provided a safe and comfortable environment to learn. He was always able to help me overcome any challenges that I came across, so that I could improve my techniques.
LIAMI think freddy is a trustworthy Martial Arts teacher because I have improved on my fitness, confidence and overall Kungfu
JAYMet Freddy a few years ago through mutual training partners and since then took up his own classes. He’s flexible with session times so you can arrange lessons through your daily life, has a very good understanding in the martial arts he teaches and is very driven to make sure you reach your personal targets. All in all he is a very good teacher and would recommend him to anyone from beginners to advanced levels.
AMANDAI have known Freddy for 5 years and he is very passionate about what he does. He is a master in his field. Freddy is friendly, approachable and a lovely guy.
(General Secretary of BCCMA)
Freddy has a vast knowledge of Shaolin, wushu, as well Sanda & qingda. He has trained on France as well in the UK.
He has medals in many national events. and has officiated as a judging official and as a referee full contact events at national level.
He has been awarded 4th degree black belt in Wushu Kungfu.
As a school teacher in the UK he has the qualifications to teach children as well as adults.
Freddy has also trained with the GB Sanda Team to further his knowledge and experience.
KARINAFreddie is a very good coach who pays attention to the student’s level and encourages him to improve his results. Freddy teaches a wide range of martial arts and makes every workout different and interesting. My son attends Freddie’s lessons with great pleasure and comes out happy. After a year of studying with Freddie, my son gained confidence and discipline, increased his physical strength and became interested in Kung Fu.
MARKHighly recommended.
Freddy has been teaching my son and daughter for 2 years now, even though lessons have been much reduced over the last year with the virus, Freddy has provided training when he was legally allowed to. My son and daughter have learnt much more from personal training, than previous group training that we used before.
I look forward to the time we can resume normal training.
SOPHIEI’ve been training Shaolin Kung Fu with Freddy for nearly three months now, and I’ve already made lots of progress. Freddy always pushes me to work hard and improve whilst also ensuring I’m enjoying myself and training within my limits. I had knee surgery a few years back and he’s really helping me to regain confidence!
RAFFIFreddy is a respectful and experienced teacher who I rely on for good exercise to push my limits. He is trustworthy because he is organised and reliable, two qualities in a person I regard as important in tutoring and teaching others.
PAUL D.I’ve known Freddy several years now, since he started training with me. I immediately recognised his abilities as a teacher, and have suggested my students also train with him for additional practise.
Freddy has multiple national titles, and knows how to bring people up to that level, which is exactly why I suggest my national level students get extra training with Freddy.
On top of his Martial Arts abilities, he also knows general fitness to a high level, so don’t think that you will have to become some crazy cage-fighter to benefit from his knowledge
All our ratings are collected by the website Superprof.co.uk

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