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Last Kungfu lesson in Swindon

A great adventure ends here in England with my Wujia (Wushu Kungfu students), a page is turned to write a new one soon I will miss this room (and the students who progressed in it) 18 m2 of transformation / progression / mental health & confidence improvement / sweat, laughter & fun… Thanks for your…
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Special Training Session for World Wushu Kungfu Day

Sunday 8th August we organised a special training session for World Wushu Kungfu Day Thank you to everyone who braved the bad weather. Sunshine or rain there is no better place to train than outside. It was a great training together with some conditioning & fitness training then some Sanda techniques to celebrate Wushu Kungfu…
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Jeet Kune Do

“THE ART OF FIGHTING WITHOUT FIGHTING” In the screenplay of the 1973 Warner Brothers film, Enter the Dragon, when Lee is asked, “What’s your style?” Lee replied, “My style?…You can call it the art of fighting without fighting.” The name Jeet Kune Do was often said by Lee to be just a name, and he…
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QINNA MEANS HOLD AND GRIP Qinna means hold and grip in order to lock the joint. In translation Qin means to catch and Na means to hold and control. It is a fighting (self -defense) Shaolin Kungfu technique where you can use a holding and gripping sequence to annihilate the attacker from further attack without…
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