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"One Style for Everyone, One Way for All"


👍 A chance to join in yourself, with your child (family) or your friend at our Kungfu Session 💪 on a Sunday morning and to raise some awareness and funds for Movember 👨! ❓ Kungfu Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts) are a mix of traditionalism and modernity: Taolu (codified forms) and Sanda (chinese kickboxing). A team from France 🇫🇷 will be here. So…
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Results of BCCMA National Sanda Championship

Learn Wushu with Freddy Paillard at Kungfu Wushu Academy Freddy Paillard and his course of Kungfu Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts), offer showcase in Swindon. Freddy Paillard, the 2017 British Champion in 2 categories, is a professor convinced of the benefits of the Wushu, a complete discipline, “which is not only a sport but also a…
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Results of Normandy Wushu Championship 2018

#NormandyWushuChampionship18 #KungfuWushuAcademy #Iwill Some pictures ➡️ CLICK on the link (and thanks to the photographers) of Saturday 17th February. And results: ✅ Normandy Champion 💪 👍 ➡️ Gold 🥇 medal in Traditionnal Wushu (New rules this year, the referees add the 2 best score of my 3 forms, this medal have more value). ✅ Normandy Vice-Champion 👍…
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☝️What is Wushu❓

Members of the Zhao Changjun martial arts team perform at Times Square in New York City, Sept. 10, 2017. Organized by the General Administration of Sport and the International Wushu Federation, the show included Tai Chi boxing, Tai Chi fans and other schools of kungfu performed by both Chinese and American martial arts aficionados and…
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Taolu… Sanda… What’s it?

Taolu (codified form) Taolu refers to the set routine (form) practice component of wushu. Taolu routines comprise of a continuously connected set of pre-determined techniques, choreographed according to certain principles and philosophies which incorporate techniques and stylistic principles of attack and defense. These include hand techniques, leg techniques, jumps, sweeps, stances and footwork, throwing and…
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