#NormandyWushuChampionship18 #KungfuWushuAcademy #Iwill

Some pictures ➡️ CLICK on the link (and thanks to the photographers) of Saturday 17th February. And results:

✅ Normandy Champion 💪 👍 ➡️ Gold 🥇 medal in Traditionnal Wushu (New rules this year, the referees add the 2 best score of my 3 forms, this medal have more value).

✅ Normandy Vice-Champion 👍 ➡️ Silver 🥈 medal in Sanda (Full Contact Chinese Kickboxing). It was a long day…too tired and my back too painful to do better.

Next goals ➡️ National Sanda Championships (3rd March) holding by BCCMA.

Thanks to Pôle de Thérapeutes Elbeuf and thank you so much to Juliette FERNE 🙏 the best Ostéopathe at Aubevoye who helped me get mobility with my back 🙏